Our factory, which was established in 1993 to produce Construction and Industrial Paints, gave importance to the domestic market in the first place. As a market, Marmara and Black Sea regions were selected as targets and sales were realized at the desired level.

Export move started in 1995 and exports have been done to Turkic Republics, primarily Georgia, Azerbaijan and Armenia. Meanwhile, domestic sales and marketing efforts have been continued and customers have been reached with extensive dealer network which are exist in many regions of Turkey.  At this point, our policy of not compromising on quality has seen a great favor from consumers and has strengthened us in this way.

2002 was the year of investment and our factory construction started on our land in Tuzla Anatolian Side Organized Industrial Zone and the factory construction was completed in April 2004 and production started in our new factory. Starting production in our new factory, the production capacity has increased to 10,000 tons / year. Moving to the new factory has brought along productivity and institutionalization. With increasing capacity, new product groups were started to produce and production tonnage was also increased.

In 2004, we import important items of raw materials by ourselves and by reflecting this advantage to our prices, our dealers have increased their competitiveness and started to offer qualified products at affordable prices.

Finally, Sembol Boya has taken its place among the leading companies of the sector with it’s exports to 10 countries and it’s distributors spread all over the Turkey, and has made significant contributions to the country's economy by creating employment and providing foreign currency input. We will continue to provide thanks to you, our valuable business partners.

Best regards.